Dante taking photos in the rainforest canopy, Madagascar

Fieldwork has always been my greatest passion. Never one for suits, ties, or big cities, I find myself most comfortable, and happiest, far away from the grind of modern society. Most people will never experience the energy and feel of a primary rainforest on a misty night. I couldn’t envision life without it. I have been fortunate in that I can combine my academic field work with another love, wildlife photography. As a photographer, I work to capture images of wildlife that isn’t commonly observed. Often, I seek the smallest forms of life, things overlooked by the masses. Mainstream wildlife photography is obsessed with pandas, bald eagles, bears, and wolves. I’d rather shoot cave diplurans in the Ozarks, cryptic geckos in the forest canopies of Madagascar, or freshwater rays in south-central Brasil.


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