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My involvement in this project spans 11 or 12 years; Geo started the book project over 13 years ago! Both Mike Slay and Geo Graening have shown dedication to the conservation of subterranean fauna that has inspired me to be a better conservation biologist. These guys are amazing and it is an honor to be a coauthor with them. I am clearly biased but I feel that this important biodiversity assessment will shore up the conservation of some of the region’s imperiled subterranean fauna. Remember that the Ozarks were previously considered an impoverished area for subterranean biodiversity relative to other regions of North America. Not anymore…this project performed biological inventory events in at least 466 subterranean sites, discovered over 20 new species, and improved the knowledge base for the region.

I would like to thank Dr. Culver for writing the blurb on the back of the dust jacket, “Cave Life of Oklahoma and Arkansas is the most comprehensive study of regional cave fauna published to date. The photographs bring the reader into the habitat in a way that words cannot. For the cave specialist, the authors document a remarkable richness of species in a region whose subterranean life was previously thought to be scarce. The book’s treatment of conservation issues is the most thorough to date for any region, and is especially timely considering the growing threats of global warming, land development, and population growth.”

Cave Life of Oklahoma and Arkansas

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The three authors at a book signing event in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  From left to right: Graening, Fenolio, and Slay.

The three authors at a book signing event in Fayetteville, Arkansas. From left to right: Graening, Fenolio, and Slay.

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  1. Kelli Thomas:

    Dante – I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to read the book.


  2. Dante:

    Thank you so much Kelli!

  3. Kimber:

    Stunning Book! I’ve got a nice cave literature library. This is now one of my favorite books.

    Thank you for your great work

  4. Scott Houser:

    Got a copy
    you guys did a splendid job

    Scott Houser

  5. Dante:

    Thanks for all of the great comments on the book. Its just so nice to have it done.

  6. Reed Wilson:

    Just got a copy – GREAT WORK!!!!

  7. Juan Castillo:

    congratulations on your book

  8. Dante:

    Thank you Juan!

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